A mysterious malicious malware was released in the CDVL and no-one was fessing up to making it. It manifested messes, created glitches, and threatened to self-destruct at the end of March taking everything digital with it! We sent out the call and thankfully, had many Cyber Crime Investigators answer.

The first 3 CCIs that solved the investigation and answered the question “Who created this malware?” by the end of March received our gratitude…and by ‘our gratitude’, we mean ‘prizes’.

 This glitch (a.k.a. Gigi) left puzzles as to who the creator was across our instagram, digital portfolios, and even in The Irvine. But they were no match for our CCIs.

While the threat of destruction is no longer looming, we at the CDVL will keep this page alive for a little while longer to thank our amazing CCIs. 

Thank You!


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